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Pitch Your Book




It’s an entirely different set of skills to talk about a book than to write a book.


“Pitch Your Book” teaches a three-step plug-and-play formula anyone can use to present their book idea to an editor or agent, taught in a step-by-step manner with lots of examples.

“Pitch Your Book” features:

  • An easy-to-learn, three-step plug-and-play formula to pitch any book, fiction or nonfiction
  • Lots of real-world examples
  • Principles for successful pitching (including managing fear)
  • Over an hour of audio divided into ten short segments
  • On-screen text to supplement the audio
  • Twenty quick-reference flashcards for key concepts
  • Over 100 multiple choice questions to help cement the process.
  • Hint/Help function for multiple choice questions
  • Detailed answer explanations

Everyone thinks writers are born with a talent to talk to others about their work. But for an author, to boil the experience down to a short statement, or an “elevator pitch,” is nearly overwhelming.

The second big problem is authors are afraid when it comes to talking about their work. So “Pitch Your Book” teaches principles for success, including how writers can make fear their friend, and then use it to move themselves forward.

“Pitch Your Book” is designed to recreate, as closely as possible, a workshop experience for the author where they actually build their own pitch using a simple, three-step formula. In addition, they learn principles for successfully delivering their pitch to agents and editors. Later, they can transfer these same life-long skills for use with potential readers at book signings, bookstore owners, and in media interviews.


Author Biography:

Linda Rohrbough has been called a nationally recognized consultant on marketing a manuscript. A frequent speaker at writer’s conferences, Linda has been writing since 1989, has eight books and more than 5,000 articles to her credit, along with national awards for fiction and non-fiction. New York Times #1 bestselling author Debbie Macomber said about her latest novel: "This is fast-paced, thrilling, edge-of-the-seat reading. The Prophetess One: At Risk had me flipping the pages and holding my breath." Visit her website: www.LindaRohrbough.com.



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