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Cattle - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cattle is a word for certain mammals that belong to the genus Bos.Cattle may be cows, bulls, oxen, heifers, steers, bullocks or calves. Cattle are the most common type of large domesticated hoofed animals. They are a prominent modern member of the subfamily Bovinae.. Cattle are large grazing animals with two-toed or cloven hooves and a four-chambered stomach.

Do Cows Shed

Dry cows in their shed

Dry cows in their shed

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Cow dragged by tractor using hip clamps after calf died ... Sheep farming - Wikipedia Stop Meat Industry Pollution – ForceChange
Five steps to designing the ideal transition cow barn ... How to Raise Sheep and Lamb on a Small Farm Small Scale Dairy Calf and Cattle Housing | Center for ...

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Wow! Did You Know Cows Did These 10 Things? - One Green Planet In honor of celebrating all the awesomeness of cows – here at 10 little known things that most people would never believe cows do!

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